Know The Law

Know the Law. Know your Rights.

Workers are generally protected from unfair labor practices by both federal and state laws. California workers, however, benefit from protections guaranteed under some of the country’s strongest labor laws. However, workers must know their rights in order to challenge illegal acts by employers. What is the WARN Act? The “WARN Act” or…

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Worker Sue Department of Labor For COVID-19 Protection

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) protects employers from workplace hazards. The scope of protection offered by OSHA is broad and ensures not only a safe work environment free from physical hazards, but also requires employers to provide necessary safety equipment and provides specific guidelines that employers must follow. Since…

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McDonald's Sign

Workers File Lawsuits to Protect the Public from COVID-19

Employees of McDonald's file lawsuits to protect workers and the public from COVID-19. As the country continues to battle the pandemic, workers across the country continue to voice concerns for their safety and many have filed lawsuits in order to force employees to provide adequate protections in the workplace. While workers are generally…

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Male Judge Writing On Paper

Court Orders Uber and Lyft to Reclassify Drivers as Employees

Uber and Lyft drivers must be classified as "employees" pursuant to court order effective August 20, 2020. In a recent court decision, a California judge has ordered Uber and Lyft to classify their drivers as employees in a tremendous victory for the estimated 4.6 million ride-hailing drivers in California. The August 10, 2020 decision is part…

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Paycheck Protection Program

FAQs on PPP Fraud

Many businesses have benefited from PPP loans during closures due to COVID-19. PPP funds, however, are supposed to benefit employees by providing financial assistance to businesses to maintain payroll, employee benefits and other business expenses. If you are aware of any PPP fraud by your employer, you have an obligation to report the fraud.…

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