Personal Injury Law

A Personal Injury is any physical or mental injury sustained as a result of someone’s negligence or harmful act. Personal Injury may sometimes be referred to as “Bodily Injury.”

Personal Injury accident victims are entitled to recover monetary damages for all losses and expenses sustained as the result of the accident. Depending upon your case and its particular circumstances, damages may include any of the following: Medical Bills and Expenses; Lost Income; Pain & Suffering; Physical Disability; Disfigurement; and Emotional Trauma.

Common injury cases include:

  • + Auto Accident Injury
  • + Slip and Fall Injury
  • + Catastrophic Injury
  • + Motorcycle Accident Injury
  • + Brain and Spine Injury
  • + Dog/Animal Bite Injury
  • + Defective Products
  • + Wrongful Death

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